Hayley Ferreira (The Bay Area Muralist) founded Colors for Kids along with a collection of formally trained artists with the desire to better serve their immediate community through art access. We promote art access by transforming private, public, state, and federal spaces from otherwise banal architecture to heartening and memorable spaces. As painters, activists, and environmentalists, we work together to beautify spaces through murals while including the community in the process.

Colors for Kids delivers murals and mural-creating opportunities to those who cannot afford or create one. Especially now, our communities need things that are awe-inspiring. We want to make it possible for everyone to feel welcomed through uplifting words and visuals when they enter facilities, buildings, etc. Instead of monochromatic drab, gloomy walls with nothing to inspire, we imagine brighter, uplifting spaces.

We collaborate with a number of state and local foundations and organizations.

Bubb Elementary Shcool

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Colors for Kids can create a community experience.
If your community would like a wall painted by friends and families in your area,
let’s talk about how we can get involved. 
Email hayley(at)colorsforkids.art