We involve children in creating beautiful color murals and other art projects for California schools, hospitals, and other public spaces.

We believe access to art increases a child’s ability for strong self-esteem and self-expression. 

Colors For Kids, Inc. allows kids who may not be in the position to produce and enjoy unique art experiences to do so by working with our artists. We give kids an opportunity to participate in creating art and see the results of their efforts.

We are a registered non-profit California corporation and receive funding from schools, foundations, and individuals to paint fun, inspirational murals, and messages.

Our communities need visuals that are awe-inspiring.

Instead of monochromatic drab, gloomy walls which motivate nothing, we transform them into bright and uplifting spaces. We want to make it possible for everyone to experience uplifting words and visuals when they enter facilities, and buildings, or view outdoor walls of buildings.

We are a collection of formally trained artists with the desire to serve by delivering access to the process of creating art for others.

We transform private, public, state, and federal spaces from banal colors to heartening and memorable spaces. As painters, activists, and environmentalists, we work together to beautify spaces through murals while including the younger generation in the process.

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Mural for the Seeds of Affirmation, Lion's face.
Solano County Juvenile Detention Center
Mural for Ed Levin Park, Santa Clara CA
Ed Levin Park

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Colors for Kids can create a community experience.
If your community would like a wall painted by friends and families in your area,
let’s talk about how we can get involved. 

Email hayley(at)colorsforkids.art