Colors for Kids Non-Profit Organization

The mission of the nonprofit organization Colors For Kids is to create beautiful murals for California schools and hospitals. At our core, we believe access to art increases a child’s ability for strong self-esteem and self-expression and through our mission Colors For Kids delivers murals to kids who may not be in the current position to afford a mural and to enjoy the unique art experience providing through our artists thoughtful, and empathetic designs opening opportunities for kids to see themselves represented by the things they love.

We received funding from schools to paint fun inspirational messages.

Through our mission Colors for Kids delivers murals and mural-creating opportunities to those who may not be able to afford or create one. Especially now, our communities need things that are awe inspiring. We want to make it possible for everyone to feel welcomed through uplifting words and visuals when they enter facilities, buildings, what have you. Instead of monochromatic drab, gloomy walls with nothing to inspire, imagine brighter, more uplifting spaces.

Colors for Kids is a collection of formally trained artists with the desire to better serve their immediate community through art access. We promote art access by transforming private, public, state, and federal spaces from otherwise banal architecture to heartening and memorable spaces. As painters, activists, and environmentalists, we work together to beautify spaces through murals whilst including our community in the processes.

Mural for the Seeds of Affirmation project

In partnership with the California Arts Council ‘Seeds of Affirmation’ is a mural project based around words we use to govern ourselves, self affirm, and then actualize change in our lives.

  • Learn About Seeds of Affirmation

    With support from the California Arts Council, Colors for Kids is providing a mural making opportunity specifically designed for vulnerable youth. Seeds of Affirmation is a mural proposal based around words we use to govern ourselves, self affirm, and then actualize change in our lives. The mural project Seeds of Affirmation was created by Colors for Kids in order to …

  • Learn About Diablo Valley Children’s Neurology

    We had the opportunity to paint in Diablo Valley Children’s Neurology. We took white clinic walls and turned them into a bright uplifting space. While the families wait to be seen by the doctor, they are now able to smile and enjoy the beautiful mural painted for them. The mural was painted on all walls of the office. We painted …

  • Learn About Huff Elementary School Mural Project

    In 2020 we were plagued by the Corona virus. For many it was a very difficult time, not only to worry about our friends and family getting sick but to worry about our own mental stability. It was a huge goal of ours to find ways to get children painting and doing something that they enjoyed. We contacted many schools …

  • Learn about the Telecare Willow Rock Mural Project

    The last mural image attached is from a holding room in Telecare Willow Rock located in Hayward. This room was designed as a comforting area for a child that needs a place of relaxation away from the others. We wanted to create a path, so they can imagine walking down it to a place they can think of in their …

Huff Elementary School

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